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Problitz: Barnblitz Pro 2021

Problitz: Barnblitz Pro 2021
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PLEASE VIEW THIS PROJECT ON TF2MAPS[tf2maps.net]Thank you Fubar for creating the original Barnblitz ProThis version of the map is not associated with Fubar and has been made with his permission.Changes between barnblitz and problitz:General: Made most archways nonsolid. Converted most clipping on stairs to blockbullets. Lots of chickenwire and gap closing to help with fights and gameplay direction. Replaced a lot of 'prop spam' with more concise brushwork Converted the theme to alpine; while aesthetically you may think this is a poor choice, the theme rework helps people who may be visually challenge (such as colourblindness). Fixed numportal and performance issues (THANK YOU XOBILE YOU BEAST)Blue Spawn: New spawn entrance added to help funnel players out of the original spawn room. Remove the overhangs above cart start. Removed the pixel walk above the cart start. Added chicken wire behind the fences around the rocks. Added chicken wire under the porch outside blue spawn. Replaced the tirestack with a wall to provide a more clear collision. The tires originally used had a broken collision mesh. I may revert if I can ever get around to fixing that.Blue First Forward Spawn Widened the lower entrance to assist with movement. Removed the ability to climb up to the top spawn from outside. Fixed being able to resupply from outside the door.Red Last/Main Spawn Scrapped the upper spawn and reworked the lower spawn so players can leave either side without having to resupply. Added a third exit right behind the last control point. Players will now always spawn on the lower, far left corner until blue has capped 3rd meaning it will be easier to reach 2nd and 3rd to defend.First: Moved the first point outside the barn. Added a new entrance way into the barn. Moved the shed. Lowered the porch outside blue forward spawn. Adjusted a lot of the packs as we felt there were too many full ammo kits. Moved the large HP kit and medium metals outside of second to be to the side of the point.Second: Added a new route leading to under the dropdown (this only opens after first is captured). Put chickenwire in the overhanging platforms. Removed the hubcaps. Replaced the box stack with a wall to provide a more clear collision and make climbing up the stack easier. Removed the shelf in dropdown. Added a forward spawn for blue that activates once 3rd has been captured. Fixed the trimming around the little shed near the tracks. Moved the capture point outside. Removed all doors in the stairwell leading to third.Third: Removed Red's 2nd forward spawn. Replaced the propspam cover on the sniper cliff with a wall to provide a more clear collision and make climbing up the stack easier. Added a route from the dropdown on second to the platform on third; this should make setting up for second easier for defenders as they don't have to travel as far as well as act as an alternate route to push 3rd on offense. Moved the ammo from on top of the platform to be next to the health under the 2nd dropdown Added a vision block under the platform. Removed a the wall at the top of the barn that divides the two rooms. Connected the sniper cliff with the stairwell leading in the barn. Added some health to the sniper cliff. Added a route from the sniper cliff up the perch overseeing 3rd. Moved the health and ammo from the top of the barn to just outside the old Red spawn area. Made the overhang outside the top of the barn solid. Added an escape route to the top of the hill that leads to lockers. Removed the fence on the top of the hill. Added some boxes behind the platform to help navigation around said platform and the hill. Removed the little healthpacks just outside of the staircase to last and replaced them both with a medium under the dropdown nearby. Replaced the ladder leading to the big barn with a bridge. Removed the weird doorway halfway up the wall on the last building that commonly messes with rocketjumpsFourth/Last: Reworked Red spawns (see above). Added a route that leads from the far left corner spawn to under lockers (this route closes after 2nd is captured). Added a wall that protects defenders leaving the new spawn exit Widened main and cut away some the excess walls to make entering and leaving less painful. Replaced the full health and ammo with medium and small ones, respectively. Moved said ammo to be next to said health. Widened the the staircase leading to the offensive overlook. Decluttered the offensive overlook. Combined the Defensive overlook with the catwalk to make for a better hold area. Created a new route that leads to above the old full health area. Reworked all the cover in this new hold area to make it work better as an area for teams to use on last. Replaced the chickenwire below lockers with wood to make locker pushes less readable. Added a lip to the lockers perch to prevent cheeky spam into the spawn and visa-versa. Added visual representation to the lights you can stand on.If you are interested in watching some gameplay (sadly from a medic pov), you can watch that hereI am currently looking for some international, top level, highlander players to provide both feedback and gameplay (demos/vods/etc).If you would like to get into contact with me regarding such please add me on steam!Thanks and Shoutouts:This has been a massive task and I want to thank so many people for helping along the wayFubar: for making the original barnblitz pro and allowing me to work on it further.Raze: for guiding most of the gameplay changes throughout this project.Xobile: for fixing the numportal and performance issues.Core: for helping me compile before I upgraded my pc.Omni: for providing me with a pool of players to help provide feedback.Brady: for showing me the cap bug present on Fubar's version.SexyTurtle: for providing some much needed engineer feedback.Ohai and Kodyn: for giving helpful map changing feedback.AUHL: for providing me with bountiful playtesters all eager to play and give feedback.

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