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cp_overgrown is a 2cp map a new custom overgrown South American jungle villa resort theme, created originally for the TF2Maps.net 2015 Summer 72hr Mapping Contest, and later updated in collaboration with Pear for consideration in the Jungle Update.The map features a train mechanic, where, after capturing first point, attackers can ride the train into a flank route deep in enemy territory.Download the Overgrown prop pack made for this map, here![tf2maps.net]To see more on this and my other maps, check out my Youtube channel!Check out the TF2Maps thread here![forums.tf2maps.net]Crash: Original design/ logic/ layout, detailing, refinement, optimization, clipping.Pear: Massive gameplay redesigns, custom theme artpass, Overgrown pack custom models/ materials, detailing.Void: Logo, custom soundscape, material blends.Fuzzy: Custom materials.Dr Spud: Vineyard pack ivy props.Frontline team: Various windows and door props.E-Arkham: Tree leaf props base (modified by Pear).To load the map locally, subscribe, open the game, open the console with ~ (you may have to enable this in the settings), and type "map workshop/503939302" without the quotes.Thanks for checking out the map, be sure to rate and subscribe! Have fun!


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