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Teufortress (Medieval CTF)

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Oi there! Welcome to Teucastle! This is where your skill and ability to abuse random crits really come into play. Fight against your fellow mercs in a tight castle as you steal legendary scrolls from them. Or you know, just kill each other, I don't really care. So, have fun, and may the crits be ever in your favor.

This map has been a passion project of mine for a couple of years. I've been working on it on and off and am so happy to finally release it. It's a "medieval hybrid CTF KOTH map" (I know, it's alot). It plays like CTF, but you can cap the central point to give your team an advantage. I'd say that this is my first "finished" map but that doesn't mean I'm not open to change, feel free to offer opinions and suggest changes, I'll try my best to read all of them. Thank you so much for checking this map out. Have a good day! (It's a vanilla map, so no external downloads should be required)

(Special thanks to Soviet Penguin for the name)

Link to TF2Maps.net page https://tf2maps.net/downloads/ctf_teufortress.7253

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