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Outback Shade

Outback Shade
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Tired of the hole in your straw hat!?!? Is the missing ozone layer causing you some slight discomfort with 3rd degree burns?? Or just maybe, you are simply looking to eat your snag with a little style.Introducing the Outback Shade for the Engineer! It is Mann Co's newest most definitely original hat to come to their merch line. Work 101% more efficiently than you did before! Decimate 105% more enemies while you're at it. Mann Co. supports customising your Outback Shade with their various assortment of paint colours so go wack on those! Our Professional Engineer Model enjoyed the team spirit red colour on his previous cosmetics that he begged us to give one with the same paint on it. Doesn't he look good in a red hat!!! We think so, and so will you!~~~OUTBACK SHADE IS HERE~~~*terms and conditions apply. visit your nearest medic for any 3rd degree burns.**Supports Paint Cans: Working on Images SoonTM

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