Back Base Night [PAYLOAD]

Back Base Night [PAYLOAD]
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Welcome to Back Base in Night!A community map to create for the purpose of offering the community yet another map.This is a re-release of the old version under development, and I wanted to offer the final version its own place on the workshop, obviously the latest version of pl_backbase is no longer available on the workshop.Updates will be coming and will not only adjust the potential bugs it may have and also add new content.You can already share your feelings on the map in the Discussion> Feedback category.Thanks to everyone who will download the map: 3I want to download the map to test it without subscriptionIf you want to test the map without necessarily going through the installation on your game, please follow there step:- Open TF2 (obviously)- Open the console- type the following command : map workshop/2427201899- play the map ! The bot don't move on the map ? - Open your console- type "sv_cheats 1" and "nav_generate"- after the map reload, enjoy !You want to get new update of backbase, or some ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ? Come here => Medic Gaming Twitter The goal ?BLUs must drop a bomb into the nuclear reactor at RED base!To get there, the path will be a bit long, you will need to go down to their basement so watch out for the machine gun!Each team has its own secure zone with the availability of 16 spawn points in each zone.Set up your defenses and prepare for the attack on the Back Base nuclear reactor!Creator.tfYou want to play this map on ? go vote it here []Do you want to tell me something? So use the comment space just below.For any feedback regarding the map => here For any idea about the map => here Special Thank'sThank's to @Kyaodoesthings, @infamouslydorky, @Clownfishiiarts and @3DylanStar on Twitter for allowing me to add these art in the mapDonatorKyaodoesthings (For his beautiful Strange Patriot Peak) DRIP (For his Rocket Launcher for maggot like me)Pie Pigeon (Idea for the map, feedback and commission)Heavy Gaming (Cuz it's my wife and unusual taunt)Sniper Gaming (For leaving me)


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