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This version of cp_steel has hundreds of small changes which significantly improve competitive suitability.

Changes include:

-Added a block bullets brush to every staircase to make staircases catch splash correctly
-Blue Spawn has been widened to allow for more breathing room
-The Sniper Perch on A/E has been cleared up to make movement more fluid
-B Stairwell has been widened
-The dropdown room on B has had a new entrance added
-The A/B connector dropdown has been widened
-Added a walkway to C to make jumping from the point to the catwalk possible
-Cleared the clutter in White Room, including the trolly and metal support beams
-Replaced the steps with ramps on D
-Removed the vault door in Death Corridor
-Streamlined the pathing in the fullhealth kit room under wishbone

The original map cp_steel was made by Jamie "Fishbus" Manson, Dan "Irish Taxi Driver" Merboth and FLOOR_MASTER