Ello, Nid here

This is my first "Real map". This isn't a very good one and I plan to make updates in the future, but I have always wanted to make a map, and this is my first! Aight, now for a summary,

Koth_Stalefreight follows the same style as the classic "Cp_orange". This map falls into the same category as specified map.

There is a spire, a ramp for trimping, a badly made shed, with a small health kit and ammo pack, there are 4 lamps illuminating the map, and a Capture point, that works exactly like normal KOTH maps.

I plan to make updates in the future and improve the quality, but as for now, please enjoy my map and thank you for browsing this page!

I'd also like to thank "ArmadilloHippo" and "theoneperson" For giving me ideas for this map! Appreciations to those two people and appreciations to you as well for managing to see this page!

Feel Free to report any issues and I will try and fix them as fast as possible!