When just one gun isn't enough to stop some big mean mother hubbard from tearing you a structurally superfulous new behind!

Main Gimmick:
=replaces all buildings with sentries
-cannot build dispensers or teleporters

In game, your 2nd sentry can only be upgraded once (can go to level 2, but not level 3), and your 3rd and 4th cannot be upgraded at all. This means that after building and fully upgrading all your buildings, you'd have a level 3 sentry, a level 2 sentry, and two level 1 sentries. Now, some might think this is overpowered. In my opinion, those people underestimate just how important your dispenser and teleporter are:

-lack of dispenser means you have to rely on ammo kits, other engineers, and resupply lockers for metal. It also means you can't heal yourself
-lack of teleporters means you can't quickly teleport back to your nest, meaning you have to walk to the nearest ammo kit/resupply and back.

Now, maybe playtesting will reveal that this PDA would indeed be overpowered. In this case, I went ahead and thought of some possible dissadvantages to experiment with to find the right balance.
-cannot haul buildings
-buildings have slower turn speed
-buildings suffer damage falloff

Of course, some weapons, such as the wrangler and gunslinger, would probably wind up broken if we don't code in a balanced interaction between the weapons and your buildings, so here are some ideas:

- Wrangler controls and shields all 4 sentries, but the shields only block 15% of incoming damage instead of 60%
- Gunslinger turns all buildings into mini-sentries
- Wrangler and gunslinger only affect the slot 1 sentry.

model features: Team colors (RED & BLU)
Both construction and destruction models.
was originally going to also have a custom weapon taunt where the engineer sits on a toolbox and plays "more gun" but now that the Banjo taunt is in-game, that's kind of pointless.