Current Version: Release Candidate 4

Ever played swiftwater but hated the stupid long sniper sightlines, easy to stomp points and bland theme? Well this is the map for you!

Introducing the (hopefully) best solution for all of these problems!
All the changes compared to regular swiftwater:
- New and improved theme!
- Increased payload push speed on x2 and x3 capture rate to make up for the maps stupid length

Point A
- Adding a way to escape from the moat
- Moved blu first spawn exits to prevent sniping out of spawn
- Extended the roof of blues spawn to prevent red snipers
- Made the sniper platform at first into a building which is only accessible after capping
- Added forward spawn that activates after capping
- Added walls to stop forcing people to stand out in the open
- Removed walls from the top floor of red's house
- Red respawns instantly after capture
- Added wall to block red sightline into blue spawn

Point B
- Added mine one-way flank route
- Blocked dumb sightlines
- Added walls to stop forcing people to stand out in the open
- Added extra health pack to make defending easier
- Red respawns instantly after capture

Point C
- Removed door from blue stairs upper area to point
- Removed Oneway door between first and third

Point D
- Added truck to hide behind
- Extended red sniper wall
- Made stairs to the red roof buildable

Point E
- Removed pipes from main choke
- Added red side one way door from the main upper room to the vent room
- Added flank outside of sniper view

qualitycont - Point A Spawn revamp and smaller balance changes
Bill ♥♥♥♥ - Point A Sniper building, Posters, snow and night theme, and misc fixes
Captain Red - "came up with the totally lit original name" discord - Feedback and ideas
Void - the epic skybox texture