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Spillway is a compact king of the hill map with short respawn times and varied fighting spaces of both tight corridors and larger, open arenas. Teams fight to wrestle control over a hydroelectric dam in a hectic back-and-forth, with the ever-present threat of fatal gravity-induced blunt trauma to one side.​Map developed by Pont.Latest version rc3 as of May 7th 2020.CUSTOM SOUNDSCAPES DO NOT WORK IN WORKSHOP UPLOADS! For a version with functioning soundscapes, check the thread on TF2maps.[tf2maps.net]CUSTOM ASSET CREDITS:Rexy: Forklift, security_fence_section02Ravidge: HandrailsUrban: Generic Industrial Signscnub66: Sign overlaysYrrzy: Extol assetsSeba, Ravidge: Construction Pack assetspont: Spillway assets, matte pipes, neutral turbines, inviswater


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