CP Hybrid

CP Hybrid
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This submission is Workshop-safe, however it is still advised to visit the GameBanana page for up-to-date news and posts: https://gamebanana.com/maps/200454Creators.TF page: https://beta.creators.tf/submission/215Demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HLxkJJy1J8DescriptionControl Points Hybrid is an unusual but surprisingly versatile map built with both competitive and community server players in mind, with a complexity comparable to CP Steel.GameplayHybrid has gameplay that combines motifs of symmetric Control Points and Attack/Defense. In order for a team to progress, they must own both the Warehouse and Courtyard points in order to attack the enemy's intelligence Control Point (either B or R, depending on the defending team). A game is won when a team owns all four Control Points.After both the Courtyard and Warehouse are captured by the same team, a 'push' begins, in which the team has one minute of decreased respawn time and Sewers access. The Sewers are a one-way passage directly to the final point.AuthorsThis project is headed by Jack5, responsible for the map logic, certain custom materials, soundscapes, fixes and publishing. Docteur Whoa was responsible for this map's artpass, creating much of the layout and visuals of the map. Soldier_engie-demo also assisted in this map's development during its early stages as an alpha.MiscellaneousThis map can be run standalone on any server. Feel free to contact Jack5 if you find any issues with the map, and please visit the GameBanana page for detailed credits regarding CP Hybrid.Contract suggestions for Creators.TF:Assist or kill an enemy on Hybrid: 2 CPCapture a control point on Hybrid: 15 CP [5]Defend a control point on Hybrid during a push: 20 CP [3]


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