5CP map designed for Highlander and standard pub gameplay.

Heavily tested in competitive and pub games through it's entire development. Getting played in UGC Highlander Season 16 Week 7! To see more on this and my other maps, check out my Youtube channel!

Thanks to:
PMAvers and the Penny Arcade community for hosting/ testing every version of this with me!
All the UGC teams (ET, dK, gR, PvP, IFA, ShM, spIro, .knd, -TD-, and everyone else I'm missing!) that have tested the map and provided me AMAZING feedback.
Freyja/ Aly for the feedback and suggestions, as well as the awesome custom props.
Bloodhound for the detailed feedback/ exploit checking.
ScarF4ce for the detailed feedback/ encouragement.
Fantasmos for creating the video trailer.
The TF2Maps community for providing an excellent feedback and hosting resource.
My Youtube subscriber nerds for geeking out over my update videos with me and motivating me to keep working on the map!
Everyone else who has given me constructive feedback or just taken a look at the map and let me know what they think
YOU for looking at this right now.

Custom Assets:
Borneo Flowers by Heyo
Rusto Bulldozer by Gigazell, Ertz
Crash Construction overlay by me
Blu team color metal[forums.tf2maps.net] recolored by me
Team colored glass[forums.tf2maps.net] recolored by me
Doomsday device, crystals, and roller conveyors created by Freyja/ Aly
Pinetree skybox rescales[forums.tf2maps.net] by SiniStarR