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Haytower (Player Destruction)A game mode port by AarHightower, the once-popular realm for deathmatch, had fallen quiet as the harvest season begun. The once-destroyed tower has been repaired, rendering future battles in the area pointless… Until now. Welcome to Haytower!Slay your enemies and pick up the bombs they leave behind. Carry the bombs with you to support your team, then take them to the Control Point in the cliff shack to rack up firepower for your team. Once you’ve reached the required amount of firepower, your team blows the shack to smithereens and wins the game!Other Notes:The Control Point cannot be utilized while it is disabled, and you cannot capture bombs if a member of the enemy team is also standing on the Control Point beside yours.Miscellaneous Credits:HappinessX - Bomb pickup propAtamali - Theme suggestionsJiimjaam - Theme suggestionsFrontline Team - Autumn tree prop


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