Game Servers Rules of Behaviour

General Rules

  • Advertising other communities that are not affiliated with Creators.TF is not allowed.
    • Any other links are up to staff interpretation.
  • Don't use any sort of exploits. If you find one, report it to us.
    • This includes exploiting maps, game bugs, and server plugins.
  • Pornographic, gory, death-depicting, or other such abusive content - including but not limited to sprays, weapon names, or weapon descriptions - is prohibited. This will be up to staff interpretation.
  • Do not abuse the /call system.
  • Do not threaten to damage and/or cheat on our servers. This includes, but is not limited to: Server DDoS, using cheat or malware software on our servers, etc.

Communication Rules

  • Remember the person: Behind the keyboard is a normal person just like you. Think before you send.
  • Don't be hateful: Hate speech and usage of bigoted slurs will get you banned and silenced real quick. Be kind!
  • Be considerate: if the majority of the server asks you to stop doing/saying something, please don't do it.
  • Ask for permission before micspamming - if people don't want you doing it, don't.
  • Impersonation of other members or staff is a quick path to a ban.
  • Don't attempt to evade punishments - e.g. by constantly changing username.
  • If you have any questions, reports or suggestions, feel free to get in touch with us via [email protected] or our Discord server.

Rules are subject to change at any time.