An update for Creators.TF servers was released. Changes will automatically apply after a map change. Changes include:

  • Updated the following maps:
    • CP Gullywash Refresh, from cp_gullywash_f1a to cp_gullywash_f3
    • KoTH Clearcut, from koth_clearcut_b15c to koth_clearcut_b15d
    • KoTH Ashville Redux, from koth_ashville_rc2c to koth_ashville_rc2d
    • KoTH Harvest Alpine, koth_harvestalpine_v3b, replaced with default KoTH Harvest, koth_harvest_final
  • Emoji are no longer stripped from players' names, as the underlying database issue regarding them has been fixed.
  • Fixed Attack/Defend maps ending early due to server timelimit
  • Added an experimental autobalance fix. Players will not get autobalanced if any of the following conditions are met:
    • There is 1 minute or less left on the server clock
    • There is 30 seconds or less in round time - including either timer in KoTH
    • One team owns 4 out of 5 cap points in 5CP
    • The cart is on the last point in PL - though this includes the LAST last point on multistage pl maps
  • Developer commentary on this feature is as follows:

    "Ever play TF2, and get autobalanced right before the game ends? This is obnoxious, and, in our view, unneeded. If there's 10 seconds left on the round timer, not even the best player in the world is going to make a difference for the team they got autobalanced to, which, more often than not, is losing. There's no reason to autobalance people during tense moments - just wait for the next round, when the game isn't nearly as tense! That's what this plugin does - disable autobalancing people during what are more often than not "tense moments". Hopefully, this should avoid frustrating players, but feel free to leave your feedback about this new feature in the #feedback channel in our discord."