An update for Creators.TF servers was released. Changes will automatically apply after a map change. Minor changes include:

  • Limited simultaneous connections on one server from the same IP address to no more than 4 separate steam accounts.
  • Server !hop has been removed for better performance optimization. Instead, we recommend checking out the servers page via steam overlay.
  • Sentry gun upgrade animation is now smooth.
  • Added a chance for competitive pregame music to play instead of casual pregame music.
  • Added !vkick command to easily call a votekick. Typing !vkick [partial name] will call a vote to kick that player.
    EX: !vkick nano
  • Added the Balance-inator" cosmetic - the winning submission for's cosmetic creation content.
    • All players who have played on Creators.TF x Balancemod Servers before 1/14/2021 have received a Vintage Balance-inator as a thank you for playing Balancemod.</i> </ul> </ul> </p>