An update for Creators.TF servers was released. Changes will automatically apply after a map change. Major changes include:

  • Started the Snowed-In Smissmas event
  • Added the “Snowed-In Smissmas Cosmetic Crate”
    • Contains 14 new community-created cosmetics
  • Added 4 new community maps into the rotation:
  • Readded 2 community maps from the Self-Made Smissmas Event:
  • Added new contracts for the Smissmas event. These can be found under “smissmas”.
  • Added a contract for pl_pier, found under “smissmas”.
  • Added Music Kits. Music Kits will play music depending on the objectives during the round. The two new ones include:
    • Into The Centre Of The Earth, created by TFConnect.
    • Gravel Slaughter, created by MrModez Pineapple.
  • Added the Gifting Lantern. The Gifting Lantern tracks the presents collected off dead bodies.
  • Removed pl_wutville.

The following changes were made post-update:

  • Fixed the Sight of Sound showing error model.

The following changes were contributed by agrastiOs:

  • Fixed the Gallon o' Grog's missing texture.
  • Cleaned up materials and models for: Gallon o' Grog, the Bolshevik Bomber, the Gamma Gazer, the Thumper, the W.A.S.P Launcher, the Crate Smasher.
  • Corrected model names for the aforementioned items to decompile into correct paths
  • Removed inconsistent and ugly in dark places cubemap from the Bolshevik Bomber
  • Added killstreak sheen support to the Thumper
  • Fixed inconsistent lightwarps for the Gamma Gazer and the W.A.S.P Launcher
  • Added missing critical boost glow for the Crate Smasher
  • Fixed missing Jarate material for the Thumper and the Gamma Gazer
  • Fixed the Pocket Pork being incorrectly marked as paintable