An update for Creators.TF servers was released. Changes will automatically apply after a map change. Notable changes include:

  • Hypodermic Injector
    • Changed medigun bonus effect on the following mediguns:
      • Medigun: Battalions Backup effect.
      • Kritzkrieg: Buff Banner effect.
      • Quick-Fix: Concheror effect.

      Why: The ability to give Uber was too powerful since Uber is a feature that should be exclusive to Mediguns. Since the Uber was given with no warning, players would often think they were getting Ubered with a Medigun when they weren't, which led to many bad pushes and early deaths. That's why we've changed the buff effects that this weapon gives you to less powerful ones. We've also added voice lines for getting a charge and using it to improve communication between teammates. Heal has also been increased to 120 to compensate the nerf.

  • Gamma Gazer
    • Added marked for death when picking up buildings.</br></br> Why: Being able to pick up buildings for cheap and with no downside was a little strong, now it will have the same weakness as the Rescue Ranger, however with some changed utility.

  • Fixed various bugs with ConTracker API.
  • Changed the model of Carry-on Kitty cosmetic.
  • Fixed attachment points of Dust-Bowler cosmetic on some classes.

Please do not hesitate to share any feedback you have on the new weapons with us on [email protected] or in our Discord server.