An update for Creators.TF servers was released. Changes will automatically apply after a map change. Notable changes include:

  • Gamma Gazer
    • Reduced damage done to sappers from 100 to 34. It now takes 3 shots to remove a sapper.

      Why: Being able to insta-delete sappers rapidly from any distance for free was too good. Considering the spy is doing everything right and is just getting nullified by this weapon. The clip will now limit you to two effective sapper removals in a clip instead of 6. Giving it a similar timing to the regular wrench.

  • Fixed bug with "Kill X in a single life" objective not resetting on death.
  • Players now automatically respawn after changing their Creators.TF loadout while in spawn.
  • Applied various backend changes and upgrades to both website and servers.

Please do not hesitate to share any feedback you have on the new weapons with us on [email protected] or in our Discord server.