An update for Creators.TF servers was released. Changes will automatically apply after a map change. Notable changes include:

  • Hypodermic Injector
    • Fixed Ubercharge effect not applying in some rare cases.
    • Fixed charge not being reset between rounds.
    • Fixed being able to fill your charge on spawn by getting heal points as other classes.
    • Reduced the amount of charge gained by healing with Crusader Crossbow.

      Why: We're still experimenting with this weapon design to see if it's something that fits the game. The reduced build rate with the crossbow should limit how often this weapon can be used. Changes are not permanent as we continue to iterate and develop based on your feedback. The goal is to have Hypodermic Injector be on the same viability level as the Ubersaw. We will be closely monitoring your feedback on this weapon.

    • Thumper
      • Increased accuracy bonus from 15% more accurate to 30% more accurate.

        Why: While the damage nerf was necessary to keep it from being too good with crits and mini-crits, the aspect of it being the mid-long range sustain shotgun needed to be improved, thus the decrease in pellet spread.

    • Bolshevik Bomber
      • Increased damage from 25% to 30%.

        Why: This slight increase in damage should allow the heavy to kill 175 HP classes with two shots at a further distance. Otherwise the increase in damage doesn't really change any interractions in any major way. As the time to kill and amount of shots stays roughly the same within the effective range.
        This weapon is supposed to be slow and powerful, sort of like a brass beast of shotguns, and we have to make it play that way the best we can.

    • Fixed visual bug with "undefined" value when scrapping an item.
      </ul> Please do not hesitate to share any feedback you have on the new weapons with us on [email protected] or in our Discord server.