An update for Creators.TF was released. Changes will automatically apply after a map change. Major changes include:


  • Fixed an issue where wearable weapons (e.g Demoman Shields, Razorback) wouldn't get deleted when a weapon was overriding its slot.
  • Music kits can now be scrapped for 80 manncoins in your Creators.TF Inventory.
  • Added two new anti-cheat detections:
    • Triggerbotting
    • Aimsnapping


  • "The Bazaar Bargain" has been properly restricted to Sniper.
  • The primary objective for "The Bazaar Bargain" now uses the correct logic event.
  • Nerfed the primary objective for "Backline Burn Hazard":
    • Before: "Destroy 10 robots with Backburner crits" (1CP)
    • After: "Destroy 5 robots with Backburner crits" (1CP).


  • Hanami - Typhoon Tycoon
    • Wave 1:
      • The second subwave (Giant Pyro, Bowmen, Tank) now spawns after all Colonel Barrages are dead
  • Silent Sky - Ground Zero
    • Lowered Steel Falcon HP from 750 to 500
    • Removed Special Delivery Buster
    • Wave 3:
      •  Lowered Shortstop Scout Skill from Hard to Normal
      • Changed Uber Medics to Quick Uber Medics
    • Wave 4:
      • Removed damage bonus from Arrow Mastery Bowmen
  • Transmission - White Noise
    • Wave 1
      • Removed 2 uber medics from the Giant Shotgun Heavies
    • Wave 3
      • Removed Buff Banner from Giant Rapid Blast Soldier, changed uber medics to kritz medics

Creators.TF Launcher:

  • Clearer error messages for when server list is unable to operate due to website issues.
  • Fixed issues with error handling for downloading and installing files.
  • Fixed a mod being set as installed even if cancelled.
  • The mod version box will no longer appear in the page of mods that are not installed.
  • Overall UI changes to allow the launcher to dynamically resize itself.
  • Password protected servers now have their data hidden.
  • Internal code base cleanup. More classes changed to TS.
  • Added missing server region names.
  • Internal change to allow adding of new mods easier.