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An update for Creators.TF servers was released. Changes will automatically apply after a map change. Major changes include:

  • Ended the Snowed-In Smissmas event.
  • Fixed a "physics mayhem" bug causing Demoman projectiles to not collide with world.
  • Game servers will now restart at or after 10:00 UTC, at the end of the current map rather than interrupting a game.
  • Added a feature that allows CreatorsTF cosmetics to be toggled off by using the !ctfhats command.
  • Added the ability to nominate a map by typing its partial name as an argument to the !nominate command.
    EX: !nominate fulgur
  • Fixed a bug related to map Barnblitz Pro and other payload maps where dying on the last point would cause the round to forcibly end.
  • Replaced map Barnblitz with its Pro variant.
  • Added Alternative Gamemodes to servers 108, 208, and 404 which consist of official maps from:
    • Capture the Flag
    • Payload Race
    • Medieval
    • Mannpower
    • Passtime
    • Robot Destruction
    • Player Destruction
    • Special Delivery
    • Territorial Control
  • Added Contracts for newly added maps in Alternative Gamemodes, found under ./root/creators/official_maps of the contracker.
  • Added Capture the Flag Reworkᴮᴱᵀᴬ to Alternative Gamemode servers. The main features of this rework include:
    • Added a 5 minute round timer.
    • The intel now returns on drop much faster (15 seconds).
    • When time runs out, the team with most captures will win.
    • If both teams tied, both will lose to Stalemate.
    • Capturing the intel will add 2.25 minutes to the round.
    • As always, please let us know your #feedback in our discord.
  • Lowered the Rock The Vote (rtv) percentage to 45% on Alternative Gamemode servers.
  • Servers will no longer have odd issues with race conditions on bootup and map change.
  • Added in-game server hopping - type !servers or !hop to hop servers.
  • Improved server network settings.
  • Auto team scramble will now reset vscramble votes.
  • Improved C.TF Coordinator to prevent often crashes.
  • Updated map Badwater Pro to Version 12.
  • Updated map Process Refresh to Final 7:
    • Increased lightmap resolution on a few skinny vertical faces to resolve lighting errors
    • Fixed texture alignment on sewer 2d
    • Improved health and ammo overlay texture consistency
    • Properly mirrored health and ammo pack layout on 2nd
    • Fixed out of bounds pipes on 2nd slightly poking through a wall

A new version of the community launcher has been released [0.2.1]! Changes include:

  • Added version display to settings page
  • Added "Open Log Folder" button to settings page to help with finding logs on linux.
  • Updated server mod list to be more flexable.
  • Server list for Creators.TF content now includes BalanceMod servers.
  • Events servers can now be seen on the server list when viewed from the "Creators.TF Events Servers" mod.
  • Updated events server content logo.
  • Fixed bug preventing mod installation using new mod list data.
  • Changed Events server content install location to /download/ (existing installations un affected).
  • Added cache work around to ensure launcher can get latest mod information sooner.