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An update for Creators.TF servers was released. Changes will automatically apply after a map change. Notable changes include:

  • Introducing A Gruesomly Overflowing Halloween Special
    • Collect souls and complete Merasmissions to progress through campaign and get rewards.
    • Claim your own Tainted Tome to track your progress throughout the event.
    • Campaign is active until November 14th.
  • Added Dreadful Dismal Cosmetic Crate:
    • Contains 20 unrestricted Halloween cosmetics.
  • Added Doomed Seasonal Cosmetic Crate:
    • Contains 8 restricted Halloween cosmetics.
  • Contracts:
    • Merasmissions and Contracts now track your progress in real time. This means your progress will be updated on the website as you progress in the game.
    • You still need to finish the round to save your progress and Turn In a contract or merasmission.
    • Weapon contracts now give you ability to loan a weapon to be able to complete a contract.
    • ConTracker now shows which dependant contracts have to be completed to unlock a specific contract.
    • General optimization of the contracts.
  • Added Tainted Tome — special Halloween campaign item.
    • Features custom voice lines, which are played to you if you equip this item.
    • Tracks your Campaign progress.
  • New acquired items are now shown in a "preview" popup modal box.
  • Overhauled reward popups of contracts, crates, store to use new "preview" popup.
  • Items in the inventory now have pickup and drop sounds.
  • Game begin, win, loss music in game have been changed to spooky original soundtrack.
  • A lot of internal optimizations and improvements.