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An update for Creators.TF servers was released. Changes will automatically apply after a map change. Notable changes include:

  • Enabled New Beginning event in every Creators.TF server
  • Added 5 new community-made maps to the rotation:
    • Stranded
    • Synthetic
    • ClearCut
    • Isotope
    • BaleOfHay Remaster
  • Added 9 official maps to the rotation based on community votes:
    • Dustbowl
    • Gorge
    • Steel
    • Upward
    • Badwater Basin
    • Thunder Mountain
    • Harvest
    • Viaduct
    • Sawmill
  • Added the New Beginning Keyless Cosmetics Crate
    • Contains 10 new community-made cosmetics
  • Added 2 new campaigns to the Contracker: "new beginning" and "creators".
  • Introduced the "Scrap" feature
  • Added 2 new servers in Brazil (SГЈo Paulo)
  • Increased performance of game servers and website
  • Fixed a bug which caused game servers to lag (rubbering)
  • General improvements to the website
  • Updated the localization files