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An update for Digital Directive Mann Vs. Machine servers was released. Changes will automatically apply after a map change. Major changes include:

  • Fixed "Tried and True" not being restricted to demoman.
  • Fixed "Soda-Poppin Specalist" not being restricted to the Scout and "The Soda Popper".
  • The "Armageddon" kill-taunt should now work for the "Do Androids Feel Shame?" mechachievement.
  • Fixed "A Sig-nificant Upgrade" using the wrong logic event.
  • Fixed a logic event which didn't send the correct damage blocked by MvM shields.
  • Overheal no longer counts for "Heal 10,000HP worth of damage to your teammates" on "PCB plowing"
  • Enabled a Mechachivement that was previously disabled: "Mann Co's Finest"
  • Fixed "Australian Tank Repair" not being restricted to the Bushwacka.
  • Fixed an error in event logic that prevented the secondary objective "Share 6 canteens with the Kritzkrieg" in "Critical Mass"
  • Autumnull - Tincan Termination
    • Wave 5:
      •  Reverted previous change to Big Heal Medics
      •  Significantly less Backburner Pyros will now airblast
      •  Increased Giant Shotgun Heavy spawn delay from 25 to 30
      •  Increased Engineer cooldown from 50 to 75
      •  Removed crits from Skullcutter Demoknights, added crit on kill
  • Boogge, Goldpit , Winterbridge
    • Fixed potential client crash related to shield medics
  • Cliffside - Bionic Bits
    • Increased respawn time from 1 to 3
    • Scout is now a Giant and cannot buy upgrades
    • Equipping the Sandman now gives Giant Jumping Scout abilities
    • Equipping the Holy Mackerel now gives Super Scout abilities
    • Players can taunt mid-air
    • Nerfed Greater Scout health to 888
  • Kelly - Mobocracy
    • Razorback rework:
      • Now grants 75% melee resistance 
    • Reduced market gardener damage bonus from 100% to 50%
    • Small Heavy Shotgun tweak
  • Winterbridge - Both missions
    • Whitelisted the Detonator and Loose Cannon
    • Pyro is now a walking level 2 dispenser
    • Major rebalances to Soldier
      • All banners:
        • 100% buff duration
        • 25% increased buff on hit
        • 50% increased buff range
    • Mantreads:
      • +150 Base Health
      • +10 HP regen
      • Wet immunity (jars, milk, etc.)
      • Fall damage immunity
    • Gunboats
      • 15% resistance to all damage
      • 50% resistance to melee damage
      • 25% resistance to ranged damage 
    • Escape Plan:
      • Crits when below 50% health
    • Equalizer:
      • Crits when below 30% health
      • 50% bonus damage