Mercenaries, listen up! Have you ever wanted to steal the briefcase from the enemy team for hours and hours on end? Have you ever wanted to rush the Control Point as our ancestors did in the 5th century with swords, battle axes, and arrows? Well, all of your wildest dreams are coming true. Introducing Creators.TF Alternative Gamemode servers! One server in each region has been converted into these Alternative Gamemodes, with maps coming from game modes that aren’t played often like Player Destruction, Capture the Flag and Payload Race.

In other news today, The times of Smissmas are over. Yup. Completely done. Finished. No more. The snow is slowly melting away, and we’ll be sending all of your retrieved presents to Australian Santa Claus. As I was a statistics nerd in a previous life, I have some data about how well you performed this year:

7,253 players collected a total of 1,167,967 gifts for their Gifting Lantern, with the top players being:

Thank you all for your Smissmas spirit! The spirit of Saint Nick has left the top three a final present as a thank you for all of your hard efforts.

Next order of business! Our workshop! In case you weren't already aware, we have our own workshop where content creators can import their maps, cosmetics, warpaints, and other items, and they have the chance of being featured in one of our future content updates! If you're a content creator or know one, think about importing your content into our workshop. We love seeing your content and we want to try and feature as much as we can. Often times we see new maps from our workshop in our Rotation Shakeup updates. Speaking of Rotation Shakeups, we'd like to gather your feedback on vanilla maps here as we make adjustments to our map pool.

We’ve also made a lot of changes to our servers over the last week, including some new commands that might be handy to know.
Check out the rest of the patch notes here, and we hope you have a very good year in 2021! We can’t wait to show you what we have in store.