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Hey everyone! We hope that the leadup to 2021 has been treating you well so far. Today, our partner TFConnect is starting their charity livestream, which is raising funds for the UK-based charity SpecialEffect. SpecialEffect is a charity which helps kids around the world with physical disabilities play video games alongside everyone else. TFConnect has been supporting many various charities in the past, and we need your help for this one!

So far as a community, we’ve managed to raise over £2500! This was the original goal for this event, and the stream hasn’t even started! The current goal is £5000, and we’re getting close to the £3000 mark. You can check out the charity page and donate here.

Now, what’s happening on the stream? Well, random person who managed to infiltrate this blog post, I’ll tell you what’s happening on the stream. We have competitive tournaments with representatives from North America and Europe, MVM with popular YouTubers, interviews with people in the community, and more! The stream is split over multiple days, between December 11th to the 13th.

It would be awesome if you could donate and join in the stream! We can’t wait to see you guys all there! If you have questions, or need more information, follow the official TFConnect twitter here.

Watch the Twitch stream on the KritzKast page TODAY @ 1pm EST/7pm CET.