Do you ever feel down in the dumps? Do you ever feel like fighting is too much for you sometimes? Do you ever get thoughts like: “Man! I really want to stop pushing this cart and do something actually entertaining and original for once!”? Well too bad you pitiful MERCENARIES! We’ve censored all of your cries for help, and we’ve taken away all of your vacation time! If you continue moping around like this, there’s gonna be a lot more extra gruel for you!

*psst psst* What's that?
*psst psst psst* We actually can’t do that?
*psst* We actually have to give these people time off?
*psst psst* How soon? *psst* Now?

Well then…
According to our state of the art™ (and totally legit) lawyers, we unfortunately have to give you some fighting leave, and we need to do it now. So today, we’re introducing the Creators.TF Events Servers! If you ever think fighting is too serious, you can always take a trip down, and play on some silly maps with some silly plugins enabled!

If I were Billy Mays, I would be saying “But wait! There’s more!” right now, but I’m just the blog post writer, and I’m bad at doing impressions over text. However, there is actually more to the servers than just silly stuff! The Events Team hosts small events from time to time, such as Fundays, Deathrun, Casual Competitive, and specific gamemode days like Freak Fortress 2 or Zombie Fortress!

If you join our Discord or the Steam Group, you can get notified of when these events take place! (For the Discord, you will need to subscribe to the “Events Notification” role on #roles)

Looking for your luggage? Get it by downloading our assets from the Creators.TF Community Launcher, and join our servers via the servers list.

What are you waiting for? The lawyers are holding me at gunpoint, so I need you all to go on that silly vacation! Go go go!