G’day Mercs! We hope that the spirit of Halloween has been treating you well over the last couple of weeks. As time moves on, you may start to get bored of the deathmatch arenas that we call “maps”. Think of it like pizza: you really like eating slices of pepperoni, cheese, vegetarian (…if you’re into that), but your doctor tells you that “it’s not healthy” and you should go on a “diet”. You ignore the doc’s advice, and you end up dying of a heart attack at age 53. Roll credits! I’m joking. This is a blog post, not a movie.

However, we are all responsible little mercenaries, and we follow our doctors advice (because mandatory fitness training and healthcare is written into our contracts, and death ensures if we breach them). So today, we have four new maps for you all to play on!

First up in the rotation is koth_ramjam by Jusa with additional support from Evil Knevil, NassimO, and MaccyF. Set in an outdoor factory complex between Berries Liquefying United and R.E.D (Rather Edible & Delicious) Jam Cooperative, players fight over the central courtyard that separates both plants. Don’t keep your hands in the jam barrel for too long, you’ve got a battle to fight!

Next up, double check your totally legitimate passports, book a flight to Asia, because we’re flying down to koth_daenam by hondjo and poy. This beautiful map will kill you. While you were admiring the beauty of those cherry blossom trees, a soldier shot a rocket at you. So uncivilized. Make your way around the tight middle corridors and climb up the ramps that lead to the point where fights are sure to become chaotic!

Reenact your James Bond impression, because next up we’re sneaking into cp_fulgur by AsG_Alligator. Pyro mains with a trigger happy airblast are sure to have a field day with the helipad on A, so Scouts beware! This spytech themed map takes you inside of RED’s evil lair one point at a time, with the final point being underneath a massive rocket silo! Make sure to not get caught in the launch sequence, because you’d be dead.

Last but not least, we have koth_ashville by Marilyn and Hinomaru. Competitive players, you might know this centre point all too well. Based on Mackey’s original design, it has been turned into a King of the Hill map, based around the Highlander gamemode. The main objective is simple: fight for control of the courtyard; how could you screw up that? That’s a question you will ask yourself a lot, as your team keeps losing to the other team. Shame on you.

These maps wouldn’t have been chosen without playtests from our awesome community. Thanks to all the players who came out to both of our playtest sessions! If you ever want to be a part of these map tests, feel free to join our Discord (creators.tf/discord) and subscribe to our Events Notification role, or join our official Steam Group and keep an eye out for the events that we announce.

The event is now live on all Creators.TF servers, so go ahead and get your fitness quota going! (The Creators.TF Halloween Special campaign has now been disabled, and the Halloween maps have now been removed from rotation.)

See you out there!
- The Creators.TF Team.