Creators.TF Blog

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Creators.TF! Over the last few days, a few issues have been brought to our attention, and we've taken action. In this blog post, we're going to recap everything that's happened over the last few days, what’s happening with the Scream Fortress event, and where Creators.TF is going in the future.

On October 24th, we released our Scream Fortress update. Admittedly, it wasn't as ready and stable as we wished it was. Shortly after release, we discovered problems with handling the load on the website, which caused it, and our backend, to slow down to a crawl. We want to apologize for the inconvenience that this caused for players on launch day.

Since the servers and website were taken offline due to the economy bug and instability of the servers, a lot of improvements and optimizations have been made to the website and backend, which should mean faster load times and requests should now fully go through. If you experience any problems, have any questions or feedback, please get in touch with us by sending an email to [email protected], or you can alternatively join our Discord here and post a message in the #help-desk or #feedback channel.

So what's next for Creators.TF? Well Halloween has almost come and gone, but the spirit of MEARSMUS is still with us! The Scream Fortress event will be extended to November 21st to make up for all of the time lost over the last few days. As for the future, we'll be continuing to push out content for the entire TF2 community as we always have! This might be a tiny dent in the road, but we can pick up our tools, rebuild our sentry guns, and keep moving forward! Now, enough chatting.

Check out the update if you haven't seen it already, and go out and collect all of those souls!