Every year in TF2, the Smissmas update holds a special place in all players' hearts, and so we thought, "screw it, let's take a shot at making our own!"

Introducing the Self-Made Smissmas update! This is the first update we've put out, and hopefully you enjoy it as much as we do, because we really like it! This update has been a ton of work from the developers, artists, and potted plant of the Creators.TF team. We've been so busy with this that we hadn't even decided on a name for the update until it was practically finished. It's okay though, who needs a good name when the content can speak for itself?

There have been many hints and teasers of this update, so if you'd be remotely interested in seeing those and much more, you can join us in the official Discord server.

We very much look forward to working with the community to implement fun, new, and interesting content in 2020. Happy Smissmas and Happy New Year!