While we opened up applications for people who want to help specifically with the development of our project, we've reached the stage where we need to look for content that will be included in our first community update.

If you are the author of content made for the Team Fortress 2 Workshop, you can send it to us for review. This means any type of submissions are welcome: Cosmetics, Maps, Weapons, Taunts, Unusual Effects, War Paints, etc.

But before you go, here is what you need to know:

  • Every item or map included in our project will be accessible for free by anyone. This means no real-world money is required to play with new content.
  • Every item you get by playing on our servers will be located in your website inventory. Player loadouts will also be manageable on the website, and will be automatically changed in-game.
  • If your item is included in one of our new update, you will get a Self-Made copy of the item in your Creators.TF Inventory. If you made a map, you will get a Self-Made map stamp.
  • If an item or map we've accepted is officially added in Team Fortress 2, the item will be marked as "disabled" and will be removed from our servers, permanently. We do not want to interfere with official TF2 Economy.

Fill out this form below and submit content to potentially be used in future updates.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@creators.tf.

Our first update will be ready closer to the end of the month - we need more time to prepare everything for the release. Thank you for being patient!

- Creators.TF Team