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“Yeah can I get uhh… two number nines, and a number nine large, a number six with extra dip. Can I also get… What's that new ice cream flavor you have? Vanilla+? Can I get that too?  ...What do you mean the ice cream machine’s broken??”

This, mercenaries, is what led to me burning down a McSandvichs at 3 in the morning yesterday. As I sat there in the warm afterglow of an arson well committed, I realized something important:  If we can’t rely on soulless corporations to fulfill our needs, then we’ll just have to take a crack at it ourselves!

Introducing Creators.TF Vanilla+ Servers!

As someone important once said: "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Unless there are parts of it that need fixing. Or tweaking." These new servers will be just as the name implies:

  • Good ol' Casual TF2 with no server downloads (Goodbye custom hats, weapons, and contracts)!
  • Full-fledged anti-cheat system, no more casual bots!
  • Only the best vanilla & community maps.
  • Valltalk ?, vscramble ?, and server seeding. ?
  • Several remarkable must-have gameplay fixes.

Of course, what would new servers be without new maps to play on? We'll be taking out Dustbowl, Banana Bay, Gullywash Refresh, and vanilla Steel - they’ll be going back into the Mann Co. Vault, to be released thirty years in the future when artificial scarcity drives their value up tenfold and we can make a killing selling them to our millions of superfans at a huge markup.  In their place, we’ll be introducing Frontier, Mossrock, Lazarus, Mercenary Park, and a slew of fantastic community made maps:

Just because they’re vanilla doesn’t mean we can’t cram in the same improvements our normal servers have!  Have you ever sat back and thought to yourself, "I sure do love getting killed by random critical hits?" Well then have I got bad news for you my friend: We've taken those critical hits and turned them into normal hits! Completely sucked all the damage right outta them. And that’s not all: We also turned off random bullet spread - no more obscenely improbable dodging from those scoundrels on the other team! You want more? Because we’re not even close to done: improved autobalance, countless hitbox fixes, projectile fixes - the list goes on!

Screenshot of no random critical hits fix
Screenshot of no Random bullet spread fix
Screenshot of fixed projectile hitbox size
Screenshot of improved autobalance system

Don't forget to subscribe to the workshop collection here so you can get back to fighting ahead of schedule! Today's patchnotes can be found here.