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explosion, big boom sound here Yowza! Did you feel that? That must’ve been an explosion caused by the robots outside our base! We’ve been swamped recently in our recent Mann vs Machine campaign, Operation: Digital Directive. Thank you guys for helping to destroy the horde so far! We’ve seen a great turnout of support and mercenaries willing to put up a good fight.

Now, not everything has been all sunshine and rainbows. Our engineers have been very overworked at the moment and they suggested to me that we recruit more people onto the Creators.TF team. I took one look at them, had a quick laugh, and then threatened to fire them if they didn’t get back to work fixing the bugs... Unfortunately, the actual boss showed up and threatened to fire me if I didn’t give them their special mention.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re recruiting more volunteers to join the Creators.TF Team! We want YOU to join us in fulfilling our commitment to promote community-made content. Made by the community, for the community! We have a lot of positions opening up for people with semi-functioning brick-for-brains! We’re currently looking for positions in the following categories:

  • Community Moderators
    • With experience in Discord and/or in-game moderation.
  • Team Members for the following positions:
    • Website Developers
      • With experience in any of the following: PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, Electron, and/or Typescript
    • Game/Server Developers
      • With experience in creating Sourcemod plugins and/or knowledge in C++
    • Writers
      • Such as writing blog posts, landing pages, announcements, or even comics someday!
    • Linux System Administrators

Applications will be closing on May 20th, 2021.