Moonly Days

The original author of the idea of this project, which ultimately coincided with the idea of Tyler McVicker. The main developer of everything related to this project.


Server administrator and manager of this project. If something breaks down on the server side, he is responsible for fixing it.


Frontend website developer. He makes landing pages for our major events. Coffee lover.


Games technology programmer and generalist. Currently working on some unreleased website features. Based in the UK. ☕.


SourceMod Developer making server features come to life. He is often seen in-game on the Chicago servers.


He makes SourceMod plugins, and does a bit of web development as well. He is also a Team Fortress 2 beta / cut content researcher. A “Jack of all trades, master of none”, as he likes to say.


SourceMod developer. He also owns some useful Twitter bots that provide information about events in the game.


Somehow she managed to land here and now is helping us with backend stuff.

Tohru Adachi

Server and infrastructure admin - the muffled eurobeat you hear is a feature, not a bug

Dr. Dze

Source Filmmaker animator and artist. Russian YouTuber.


He does Source Filmmaker stuff for us.
Social Media

Tyler McVicker

The creator of Valve News Network and related projects. Avid investigator of video games. Also, our main source of players.


Media guy, russian YouTuber, connoisseur of dad jokes.


Chief of Russian localization files. Russian YouTuber.