Welcome to Day 3 of your briefing maggots! So, we know what we’re expecting when we go into battle right? What? You were sleeping during the briefing? Well that's too bad! I guess we’ll throw you out on the front lines first as “unintentional casualties” because you can’t listen well. For those that did, good job! You have functioning ears, and a semi-decent functioning brain.

For those who did listen, you’re probably thinking: “Surely if we’re going on such a dangerous mission, we’d be getting something good out of it right?”. Well the answer to that is straight forward: no. We’ve spent the large majority of our money preparing ourselves for battle, why should we give you anything? Your sacrifice to keeping Mann Co. safe should be a reward in itself!

That motivational sentence didn’t help did it? Shucks. Well I think we have some spare parts lying around that we can reforge if you’re so desperate. Lets see what we have in store!

Now if you’re gonna go into battle and fight thousands upon thousands of robots, you have to look good doing it!
That’s why we’re introducing 8 new cosmetics to flare up your fighting style! Of course, since robots have no real emotions, they won’t actually think that your hats look good. You can keep thinking that to yourself though.
Do keep in mind that they’re all made from spare parts; if you get any sudden electric shocks, consider it a feature.

Do you have friends? If not, sucks to be you. But let's say this hypothetically: have you ever wanted to show off to your friends about how cool your weapons really are? Have you ever wanted to have another set of jazz and flare to your big boom boom sticks? Well fear no more Mr. or Ms. Hypothetical Person, as we’re introducing Strange Parts!

These parts attach to your already modified Strange weapons like putting two lego bricks together (minus hooking up the electricity, making sure that it works correctly in the field, and is actually mounted correctly), and they track all kinds of statistics! Robots killed, Scouts killed, MVPs, you name it!

What do soldiers get after completing their Tour Of Duty? A girlfriend? No. A day off? Don’t be stupid, you’re a mercenary! I’m talking about medals son! When you complete a tier of your Digital Directive Campaign, you’ll receive a special medal for all of your hard work! For the low cost of your arms, legs and time you’ll never get back, finishing the Digital Directive campaign will earn you the Manncoin Miner medal! This product unfortunately does not generate actual MannCoins. If it could, we'd be swimming like ducks in a safe full of coins!

These medals will only be obtainable throughout the duration of the event, because the cost of manufacturing these is very, very expensive.

NOTE FROM HR: These medals are not official TF2 items and they can only be equipped on Creators.TF Servers.

“Deep down, in the caverns of the sunken country of New Zealand, lies a mysterious material that humanity once threw out like a stinky orphan for being “useless.” In the 1960's, scientists discovered a questionable attribute of this element, dubbed New Zealium. When put in the same solution as Australium, the protons from each element are ripped apart, creating a vigorous explosion. Embedding the power of New Zealium within a weapon will transform your enemies into shiny silver statues.”