Welcome to Day 4, otherwise known as your graduation! I’m going to be honest with you soldier, you really impressed me, you really did. Your quick wits, attention to detail, and listening skills are some of the best we’ve seen in the history of two teams fighting over gravel. Of course, if you actually passed the course, you could tell that I’m completely lying. Congratulations! You’re all failures. We do unfortunately have a robot crisis on our hands, and you people are all that we have to fight with.

Ladies, gentlemen, meatbags, and disguised spies, board your specially marked planes! It’s time to go shoot some robots in the head.
Welcome to Operation Digital Directive!

Get started by ensuring you've got the assets, familiarize yourself with the Campaign page, and Find a Server to play!

Here are the questions we expect to get the most about the event, feel free to read.

How do I play this event?

Familarize yourself with the Campaign page to learn about the missions and check your progress. Hop into a Mann Vs. Machine server by going to the server list page on the Creators.TF Website.

Is the loot, such as medals, that I get from this event usable in official TF2?

No, these are not official TF2 items.

Why are these medals not official?

Due to Valve's restriction on adding new medals into the game (aka the "medals ban"), we are unable to add these medals to the game officially. We also do not have any medals already in the game to recycle for this event.

How do I equip the loot I get from this event?

Head over to the loadout page on the Creators.TF website, sign in through steam, select the class and items you want to equip, and once you join a Creators.TF server, they will show up in-game!

How long will this event last?

This event is planned to run till September 1st, 2021.

What involvement did PotatoMVM.TF have for this event?

PotatoMVM provided all of the playtested Mann Vs. Machine missions and gameplay mechanics. Creators.TF provided backend support, event branding, cosmetic & map promotions, and tracking campaign progress via the Creators.TF website.

I'm seeing red ERRORs in-game, what do I do?

Install the asset pack.

How do Mechachievements work?

Mechachievements are similar to contracts however they do not need to be activated!

Can I replay missions and tours and still get loot?

Yes, replaying missions and tours will still grant you loot each time.

Do I get loot for completing all the waves of the mission or just the last wave?

Similarly to Valve's Mann Up mode, you only have to complete the last wave to receive loot.

How do I get New Zealium Weapons or the Silver Crate Smasher?

You are guaranteed a random New Zealium weapon when you complete a tour. The Silver Crate Smasher is an exceedly rare drop upon tour completion.

Can I still play the campaign after the event ends?

You will still be able to play the missions/tours and receive the same loot, however you will not be able to complete the Mechachievements nor receive the Manncoin Miner medal.

I found a bug, where do I report it?

Join our Discord and send us a message in the #feedback channel.

I want to play the event but only want to download the most important content, can I do that?

Yes, download the MvM-ready asset pack.

Is PotatoMVM.TF and Creators.TF merging communities?

No, we have no plans to merge.

I have another question not on this FAQ, where can I ask?

Head over to the #help-desk channel on our Discord, we're happy to help!

  • Enabled Operation Digital Directive on all servers.
  • Released the Campaign page where you can keep track of your MvM quests.
  • Added 22 new Mann vs. Machine maps:
    • Akure
    • Autumnull
    • Boogge
    • Cliffside
    • Dusk
    • Estate
    • Giza
    • Goldpit
    • Hanami
    • Hideout
    • Hoovydam
    • Kelly
    • Production
    • Seabed
    • Sharp
    • Silentsky
    • Tensai
    • Transmission
    • Winter Bridge
    • Yiresa
    • Rust Valley
    • Swirl
  • Added 2 new Mann Vs. Machine tours, Platinum Palliative, featuring 15 missions, and Malware Mashup, featuring 15 missions.
  • Added 52 new Mann Vs. Machine achievements, aka Mechachievements.
  • Added the Operation Digital Directive medal (Manncoin Miner). They can be upgraded by completing missions on your Campaign page. Available in 4 levels:
    • Assembled
    • Upgraded
    • Overclocked
    • Australium
  • Added the Operation Digital Directive crate. Contains 8 new community-made cosmetics:
    • Hypno Helmet
    • Vroomvroom Juju
    • Bolted Beret
    • Lightning Strike
    • Rusty Receiver
    • Steeler's Visor
    • Hat of Untangled Wires and Rust
    • Data Node
  • Added 50 Strange Parts.
  • Added 20 New Zealium weapons:
    • W.A.S.P Launcher
    • Scattergun
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Flame Thrower
    • Grenade Launcher
    • Stickybomb Launcher
    • Minigun
    • Wrench
    • Medigun
    • Sniper Rifle
    • SMG
    • Knife
    • Force-A-Nature
    • Black Box
    • Axtinguisher
    • Eyelander
    • Frontier Justice
    • Blutsauger
    • Ambassador
    • Tomislav
  • Added The Silver Crate Smasher weapon:
    • Turns enemies into silver statues.
    • Exceedingly rare.
  • Added Basic, Specialized, and Professional Killstreak kits.
  • Added Brick weapon (only usable by robots).
  • Added Enhanced Mann Vs. Machine gameplay mechanics (which vary mission to mission):
    • Red Robots
    • Custom Upgrades
    • Player Rebalances
    • Weapon Rebalances
    • Custom Tanks
      • Blimp
      • Vaccinator Tank
      • Sticky Tank
      • Ghost Tank
      • Carrier Tank
      • Rocket Turret Tank
      • Jarate Turret Tank
      • Spider Turret Tank
      • Ubered Tank
      • Tankdozer
      • The Flying Dutchman
    • Modified Win Conditions
    • Halloween Spells
    • And many more (which are currently being added to our Creators.TF Wiki)
  • Fixed an issue where the Contract Hud was not appearing in-game.
  • Fixed painted Creators.TF cosmetics not showing the paint color in-game.