Welcome to Day 2 of your briefing maggots! As outlined during yesterday's briefing, we are going on quite the campaign across the world! But that’s the fun part, and we don’t like having fun around here!

Gray Mann has been hard at work developing his robots to be even stronger than before. My calculations predict if you were to put one in front of a little baby, they’d cry for their mommy. We are not little babies however, we are mercenaries, and we don’t cry (mostly)! So what do you do when your partner in the lab lights the flame when he wasn’t told to? You fight fire with fire, and set your partner ablaze! To take down these robots, we’ll need to resort to cavemen tactics. Let's see what Gray Mann has been up to…

Our intelligence shows that Gray Manns robots have had serious upgrades to each robot unit. Some missions feature brand new and upgraded robots, straight off the conveyor belt.
We’ve discovered that not all robots share the same changes, however. We’ve done our best to decode the raw code into something understandable for mercenaries, so they know what to expect going into battle:

  • Pyro
    • The Pyro unit has had its flamethrowers upgraded with air tanks, allowing for reflections of fast-moving, and explosive projectiles on all weapons except the Dragon's Fury.
  • Sniper
    • The Sniper unit has been updated so that rifle lasers are hidden to reduce the chances of being seen.
  • Soldiers
    • Robots are now able to take advantage of a brand new type of rocket, internally called Homing_Rocket. These rockets will constantly target players when fired and are devastating on impact.
  • The Sentry Buster
    • The Sentry Buster unit has had significant changes in its configuration. Sentry Busters no longer kill their own robots with their detonation, and an experimental unit of Sentry Busters targets players instead of buildings.
  • Some robots are now able to take advantage of Halloween spells.
  • There appears to be more augmentations that are not decoded, so you'll have to find out for yourself out on the battlefield! They appear to change from mission to mission.

When we destroyed Gray Mann in his first wave of robots, the Engineer decided to do a deep dive into their source code and hardware to see what potatoes made them tick. Combing through ones and zeros and assembly code, he was able to get working prototypes of RED fighter robots. Initially, these robots were able to shoot at targets like a little baby. However, by tinkering with the robots he had designed for outer space combat, he was able to successfully recreate some of the robots that troubled the mercenaries to fight on our side.

These RED Robots are your friends. They might not be made up of the same matter as you, and they might not share the same emotions, but they don’t shoot you, so don’t shoot back at them. Some missions assist you with these creations, helping you face the robot onslaught whenever it gets to be too much. You’ll see them as both normal robots and giants, in a wide variety of classes.

The first thing that will be delivered to you is modified upgrades!
With the new batch of orders from the Administrator, some of our dusty, rotting, and old-fashioned technology needed a serious overhaul. So the Engineer had a few drinks one night, drafted together some blueprints, and threw together some modified upgrades! Made out of leftover scrap and computer parts, there’s a lot that’s changed on your shopping list: price changes, stronger weapons, or even removing old and dusty upgrades.

Upgrades will change depending on which mission is being played, so see which ones you can use to your advantage. Every credit counts!

A great writer once said: “With great power comes great responsibility”. However, he’s dead now, because we’ve upped our training schedule ten-fold! That's right, you heard me correctly because we’ve got custom player changes coming to some missions!

Now I can see the excited looks on your faces, but we don’t need all of you to come. Some of the missions you play will feature strict class limits. Each mission requires different wants or needs, so each shipment is unique to each mission. You can expect to see some changes to the default stats of players, such as negating fall damage, disabling flamethrower pushback and ammo, and health regeneration.

That’s not the only thing we need to do to horde off Gray Mann’s new robots, however. Engineer has pulled out some old schematics from his workplace, and he’s been working hard to make sure our favorite toys are also up to scratch. Each mission has different and unique changes. Whether it’s the Flamethrower, the Gunslinger, or a Sniper Rifle, most weapons should have a viable purpose for killing robots after his tweaking work. I mean hey, why make them if we don’t wanna shoot them in the first place?