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Hey everyone! Welcome back to Creators.TF! Over the last few days, a few issues have been brought to our attention, and we've taken action. In this blog post, we're going to recap everything that's happened over the last few days, what’s happening with the Scream Fortress event, and where Creators.TF is going in the future.

On October 24th, we released our Scream Fortress update. Admittedly, it wasn't as ready and stable as we wished it was. Shortly after release, we discovered problems with handling the load on the website, which caused it, and our backend, to slow down to a crawl. We want to apologize for the inconvenience that this caused for players on launch day.

Since the servers and website were taken offline due to the economy bug and instability of the servers, a lot of improvements and optimizations have been made to the website and backend, which should mean faster load times and requests should now fully go through. If you experience any problems, have any questions or feedback, please get in touch with us by sending an email to [email protected], or you can alternatively join our Discord here and post a message in the #help-desk or #feedback channel.

So what's next for Creators.TF? Well Halloween has almost come and gone, but the spirit of MEARSMUS is still with us! The Scream Fortress event will be extended to November 21st to make up for all of the time lost over the last few days. As for the future, we'll be continuing to push out content for the entire TF2 community as we always have! This might be a tiny dent in the road, but we can pick up our tools, rebuild our sentry guns, and keep moving forward! Now, enough chatting.

Check out the update if you haven't seen it already, and go out and collect all of those souls!

Greetings mortals, it is I, Merasmus! Today, I come to you to announce that Creators.TF released their Halloween event, in collaboration with me! I am glad they trusted Merasmus enough to let him prepare Scream Fortress for them. However, Merasmus has to curse Soldier once again, as he sneakily replaced my spoons with his weird ones, because “this is America”.

Merasmus hopes you will like this event, that took some time to produce. Better to release later than to release a forever bad event, you know? By the way, if you meet one of the team members, tell them to give Merasmissions back to Merasmus, or they will face a certain doom!

Go check it out, fool!

Happy Scream Fortress, everyone! We're still working with Merasmus to make our own Scream Fortress and to make sure it'll be a great event. Expect it to come later this month. Meanwhile, to celebrate this early release of Scream Fortress (so early we were all surprised), we're adding every official Halloween map in our rotation for you to enjoy!

See you soon!

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Last night, son, I had a weird dream. It’s a long story, so I’ll pass you the details. I was defending one of the many facilities while a man with a chilling voice replaced the usual lady shouting in the speaker. I was fixing my sentry while this man appeared behind me. My first reaction was to equip the Wrangler and shoot at him, but it didn’t do anything! “Mister Conagher…”, he said, “your… toy won’t save you this time”. As he was about to put his hands on my shoulders, I woke up.

“Rise and shine, Mr. Conagher.” The man was in my room! Smirking, he reached at his pockets and handed me a tiny thing that looked like speakers and a TV. “Give it to your… employers”, he said. ”This is the product they were… waiting for.” Then, he walked out of my room, without a word. I looked at the product more closely, but it didn’t make any sense.

When I got to my employers’ office, the CEO laughed at his colleagues. “Hah, I told y’all we were going to get it some day!” When I asked him what this thing was, his writer handed me this notice:

The G-Man Announcer Pack, initially planned to release alongside Hazardous Environments is now available. To use it, download the Creators.TF Community Launcher and activate the Announcer Pack.
Or you can download the .vpk and put inside your "tf/custom" folder.

Son, if you want to use this thing, go ahead, it sure sounds amazing. Me, I’ll pass on that. That night was so terrifying I don’t see myself using it.

- Engineer

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It’s almost September now, and if you were a normal human being, you would listen to those boring official letters saying “blah blah, back to school!” and boring people trying to sell you products you don’t need, like sham-poo. But you’re not a normal human being. You’re a mercenary.

Mercenaries do not care about school, they care about how they’re gonna make that crybaby leave the battlefield and say to themselves: “that’s it, I quit my job and start a new career in jazz”, right before I storm into their house and tell them that creating art is not for cowards.

Lucky for you, gravel fighter, that crybaby jazz hippie left behind a large house with eleven cosmetics and five maps! (It was a big house). He was actually hiding them from me. How did I know? Feelings. Why did this mega bastard hide those items from the public eye? I don’t know, maybe I scared him away when I was about to go in that supermarket and he said “Sir, I can’t let you in if you don’t put on a shirt right now”, told him who I was and threw a shopping cart at him.

Anyway, do you want to see the stuff I got for ya? Of course you do! Those are some nice new facilities to defend, with style!

The event is live now. Summer is over, get back to fight already!

Welcome to TWO New Themes!

"This year has been a wild ride hasn't it? But screw it, let's make the rest of the year even bigger!" - That's the topic I brought up to the Mann Co. employees during our latest meeting. One of them suggested to develop two special events at the same time. And you know what happened to him? Yeah, obviously he got fired, ha-ha. I am the boss here, and I make the decisions. Not him. It's me.

Anyway, after thinking for a while, I had a revelation! Let's announce two special themes at the same time, so we can develop two events at the same time! That sounds amazing and totally original! Yeah, I love it.

So here we are: introducing two upcoming themes that will be featured in the next major events by Creators.TF till the end of this year: Halloween and Robots. I'm mainly making this announcement to make some noise to help fill our workshop with content. So if you're excited about these upcoming themes, like me, go make stuff for the workshop. Oh, and in case if you already have content in your Steam Workshop that fits one of those themes, your items get bonus points by automatically being eligible to be included in these events! Sounds awesome, doesn't it? Then submit your stuff to Creators.TF.

Now some guidelines: for the Halloween-themed events, we are waiting for, obviously, Halloween-themed cosmetics, taunts, weapons. For the Robotic event however, we mainly need content that resembles or is similar to content previously introduced in «Robotic Boogaloo Update»: robotic cosmetics, taunts, weapons, anything!

And also there was a message from Creators.TF team that they really wanted me to announce. Uh, what does it says... "We... need... more...". Yetis? Guns? Pants? Oh, wait, no. "We need more people!", that's what it says. Creators.TF is currently looking for a few more team members to help create these upcoming events, so if you're excited to help - apply to the team. Applications will be closed whenever they get enough people, so don't delay!

- (probably) Saxton Hale
President, Mann Co.

Creators.TF Blog
The Classful Event

Introducing The Classful Event, our third major event themed around the old Team Fortress way of update! Including 19 new community-made cosmetics, 3 new maps, 3 new weapons, balance changes, contracts, a new feature (a Strange one) and a rework to our inventory system!
More details on our update page!

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Team Fabulous 2 Reanimated

The original Team Fabulous 2 came out almost a decade ago, yet it has become, and still is, the most iconic and memorable Team Fortress 2 animation to this day. The creator of this video passed away due to leukemia in 2015, but his legacy will be remembered for many years.

Our friends at Team Fabulous 2 Reanimated have taken the initiative to bring the Team Fortress 2 community together to reanimate the video to honor kitty0706 and his inspirational legacy! Featuring over 200 creators, artists and animators, the final fully reanimated video is finally live on YouTube.

Donations can be made to the Team Fabulous 2 Reanimated Charity to help fight against leukemia. The charity will be online until August 6th, 2020!

Last but not least, as a little collaboration with the TF2R team, we have decided to release a small, yet memorable, gift for everyone who wants to celebrate the release and to tribute our beloved content creator. A new special cosmetic has been added to our store that can be purchased right now! We definitely recommend watching this video, so click the button above and we'll see you there!