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Artwork by: Manndarinchik

Co-operative Contracts are now live on all Creators.TF servers!
This means that now, if you and your friend have the same contract activated, are playing on the same server, and are on the same team, you can now both help each other to complete a specific contract.

Here is how this system works, in detail:
  • Be sure you have your friend added on Steam.
  • Be sure either you or your friend have Steam's friend list set to public.
  • Be sure you both have the same contract activated.
  • Be sure to be in the same server.
  • Be sure to be in the same team.
  • After meeting all these requirements, you both will now be sharing/completing the same contract.
    P.S.: At the contract's completion, both parties will be able to get each individual reward to their respective accounts.

    If you find a bug related to this feature, feel free to either email us on support@creators.tf, sending a ticket over support.creators.tf or simply leaving a message on the #feedback channel in our official Discord server.

    As of today, the new 3D loadout and inventory system are both out of beta! Huge thanks to everyone who helped us during the beta reporting bugs and giving feedbacks, it was really important to the development of all of this.

    3D loadout preview: It's now easier for you to preview how your cosmetic will look on your chosen character in-game. Rotate, zoom or move, you can now choose the best angle to see how the nice shiny hat will look on you.

    Inventory: No more long scroll downs to see your entire catalog of items, because we now have pages! Specifically, 25 items per page. And also, a "Search" system was added so, if you have a load of items or just wanna find a specific one, you can easily filter what you wanna see -- Yes, you can search for a specific class' name and it will return all the current items of said class in your inventory.

    Feel like we missed something? Feel free to either email us on support@creators.tf, sending a ticket over support.creators.tf or simply leaving a message on the #feedback channel in our official Discord server.

    After some anticipation and "leaks", the Creators.TF Workshop is now available in beta!

    This also marks the reopening of our submission system, so if you are a map, cosmetic or weapon creator, you must now submit your item through our new custom Workshop. This helps us make sure that what you submit is, well, yours and yours only, and not someone else's work.
    This new system also includes an user rating system, so you, the player, can vote on your favorite items to tell us which one you would like to see in our future events!

    You probably will see some unfinished stuff there, and that's expected, as this system is in beta, like the inventory and loadout system.

    If you want to submit a bug report/feedback/valuable idea for this, you can email us on support@creators.tf, send us a ticket through support.creators.tf or simply by sending a message on the #feedback channel on our official Discord server.

    After much, much feedback about our map rotation (1k+ votes!), we are here to shake up our rotation and introduce new stuff!
    Starting from the beginning, we are disabling the Hazardous Environments campaign, it was a long run, it's time to say goodbye.
    Based on votes, we're removing Steel, Granary and Dustbowl from the rotation and introducing the top voted maps of each mode, along with some pro/summer variants. The results are 7 new official maps: Mercenary Park, Mossrock, Sunshine, Lakeside, Suijin and Borneo. Along with 6 community-made recreations of official maps: Harvest Alpine, Product, Badwater Pro, Barnblitz Pro, Powerhouse Fix and Summercoast.
    As usual, contracts for these maps are available to complete right now on our ConTracker!

    We are also introducing some new features. The following commands are available to be typed in the in-game chat to allow for easier direct access to our features:

  • !l (that's an L) - Opens your current class loadout.
  • !w - Opens the website's main page.
  • !s - Opens the servers page.
  • !c - Opens your ConTracker.
  • !i - Opens your Inventory.
  • !p - Opens your Creators.TF profile.

  • In order for these commands to work, you must have HTML MOTDs enabled by making sure cl_disablehtmlmotd 0 is set in your console (~).
    Along with all of that, we are introducing some quality-of-life updates to the gameplay, based on "TF2 comp fixes" by twiikuu. All of them are carefully listed on the patch notes.

    As always, if you have any feedback, suggestions or anything else you want to make us aware of, feel free to access our brand new support page support.creators.tf. You may create a ticket there and a team member will get back with you. Emails sent to support@creators.tf are still supported.

    View the patch notes here!

    - Creators.TF Team

    Hello, we have given you time to play around with some new weapons and now we'd like to hear what do you think about them. We have created some new threads in our Steam Group for you to discuss and for us to take your feedback.

    Creators.TF Steam Group - Weapon Discussions

    Discuss here and give us your feedback about the weapons.

    Hi everyone. As you may know, Valve has released an official statement regarding the impact the leak had on TF2. We've turned our servers back on as there doesn't seem to be a security risk.

    As always, if you've got anything to report, e-mail us on support@creators.tf

    Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @CreatorsTF

    Thank you for keeping up with us during this situation.

    Hi everyone. Due to the recent source code leak, we are shutting our servers down for the foreseeable future. This is because of the uncertainty surrounding security to our infrastructure as well as your computer. We will monitor the situation and keep you updated.

    Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @CreatorsTF

    Thank you for understanding our situation, and stay safe.


    The Hazardous Environments Event is live! Check out the Update Notes here. See you on our servers!

    We Need More Arms!

    April 09, 2020 19:49 • Creators.TF Blog

    Welcome to Day 3! Today, we're introducing and showing off stats of 4 new custom weapons that will be in this event.

    See you tomorrow for Day 4 when all of this stuff release for real!

    New and Better!

    April 08, 2020 19:33 • Creators.TF Blog

    Welcome to Day 2! Today, we're introducing a completely brand new feature that will make your gameplay experience more colorful and a remake to one of our most used pieces.

    See you tomorrow for Day 3!