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Welcome back to another Creators Corner, it’s been a while since we’ve had one of these! Over the last few weeks or so, we’ve been making progress towards our goals in our recently announced “Directive Project”. We are currently in a stage between Alpha and Beta where some of our Discords and internal documentation are being reworked and more streamlined, as well as some economy refactor work going on.

Adapting our Economy

If you follow our Twitter (which if you don’t already, click here), you might’ve seen a post about our new weapons rework. We’ve adapted nosoop’s Custom Weapons X project to use a much more stable base for our economy developers to create and modify our custom weapons. We’ve managed to port over all existing weapons with minor bugs that should be addressed before more open testing.

We’ve also ported over another economy feature: Music Kits. The original code was slightly adapted to work with our new item schema system, and now works flawlessly with our two existing Music Kits. Just like weapons, they can be selected in-game with the command /music.

(Overview of how the website and game servers interface with our planned database.)

Custom Contracts & Player Progression

We’ve yet to start work on custom cosmetics and contracts/player progression*. One of the biggest hurdles about contracts is how the player should interact with them in-game. A downside of using in-game menus is we don’t have a fancy Contracker UI like our website currently does. Our ideas so far include:

  • Porting over all 150+ contracts into SourceMod menus.

  • Having all contracts be “passive” or run in the background, similar to Mechachivements in Operation Digital Directive.

  • You can open a menu with an option for each class (and “All Class”) and get given a random contract with a selected difficulty (“Easy”, “Advanced”, “Expert”).

  • Introduce a level system where completing a contract would give XP towards a level.

  • Transfer over all existing Mann-Coins in “Economy 1.0” into XP for users in “Economy 2.0” (assuming we do a Level system).

Conclusion & Discord

We're only laying the foundations so far, but we're going ahead with great speed! If you want to contribute any ideas or give us feedback, please let us know on our public Discord! We’ll continue to post small progress updates on our Discord and bigger progress updates on our blog whenever we have new and interesting information to show.

- The Creators.TF Team.

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