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“Yeah can I get uhh… two number nines, and a number nine large, a number six with extra dip. Can I also get… What's that new ice cream flavor you have? Vanilla+? Can I get that too?  ...What do you mean the ice cream machine’s broken??”

This, mercenaries, is what led to me burning down a McSandvichs at 3 in the morning yesterday. As I sat there in the warm afterglow of an arson well committed, I realized something important:  If we can’t rely on soulless corporations to fulfill our needs, then we’ll just have to take a crack at it ourselves!

Introducing Creators.TF Vanilla+ Servers!

As someone important once said: "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Unless there are parts of it that need fixing. Or tweaking." These new servers will be just as the name implies:

  • Good ol' Casual TF2 with no server downloads (Goodbye custom hats, weapons, and contracts)!
  • Full-fledged anti-cheat system, no more casual bots!
  • Only the best vanilla & community maps.
  • Valltalk ?, vscramble ?, and server seeding. ?
  • Several remarkable must-have gameplay fixes.

Of course, what would new servers be without new maps to play on? We'll be taking out Dustbowl, Banana Bay, Gullywash Refresh, and vanilla Steel - they’ll be going back into the Mann Co. Vault, to be released thirty years in the future when artificial scarcity drives their value up tenfold and we can make a killing selling them to our millions of superfans at a huge markup.  In their place, we’ll be introducing Frontier, Mossrock, Lazarus, Mercenary Park, and a slew of fantastic community made maps:

Just because they’re vanilla doesn’t mean we can’t cram in the same improvements our normal servers have!  Have you ever sat back and thought to yourself, "I sure do love getting killed by random critical hits?" Well then have I got bad news for you my friend: We've taken those critical hits and turned them into normal hits! Completely sucked all the damage right outta them. And that’s not all: We also turned off random bullet spread - no more obscenely improbable dodging from those scoundrels on the other team! You want more? Because we’re not even close to done: improved autobalance, countless hitbox fixes, projectile fixes - the list goes on!

Screenshot of no random critical hits fix
Screenshot of no Random bullet spread fix
Screenshot of fixed projectile hitbox size
Screenshot of improved autobalance system

Don't forget to subscribe to the workshop collection here so you can get back to fighting ahead of schedule! Today's patchnotes can be found here.

tfconnect2021 midsummer mashup banner

*grabs microphone* Listen up mercenaries! This is a public service announcement! If you haven’t heard through the Teufort Times, our friends over at TFConnect are holding another charity event:

The Midsummer Mashup! From June 26-27th, TFConnect will be broadcasting from Kritzkast’s Twitch channel in support of Stop AAPI Hate. Formed in 2020 in response to racist attacks and bigitroy towards people of the Asian community during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Stop AAPI Hate is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to help track and respond to incidents of hate, violence, discrimination, and child bullying against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

TFConnect is hoping to raise $5,000 for Stop AAPI Hate, and we need your help! Right now you can donate to the event at tfconnect.org/donate. Any amount from your wallet would be amazing and it’ll be going towards a great cause.

So what’s happening during these two days you may ask? We’ve got a lot of segments featuring some amazing content creators, interviews, a showcase of Open Fortress, and lots of fun gameplay with some unwilling participants, some BONK-fueled fun courtesy of Parkour.TF, a punch to the face with our good friend Saxton Hale, a game show courtesy of Jump Academy, and so much more!

So please throw your money at your computer monitor, pick it back up, and then use it to donate to Stop AAPI Hate. You can tune into the live stream both days at twitch.tv/kritzkast, starting at 6:00pm BST, 1:00pm EDT on Saturday, June 26th, and again on Sunday, June 27th. Finally, give TFConnect some love for all of the hard work they’ve done to make this event a reality by supporting their twitter.

Thanks for listening, now go support a great cause!

creators.tf 2021 blueprint plan

Splish splash I’m taking a bath! Stop bothering me to write your blog posts! *whispers* Wait, this needs to get out now? *whispers* Alright, I’ll see what I can do...

*ahem*, Because of the growing headaches with our weapons and hats disintegrating or causing fifth degree burns, we have made the choice to focus this year on improving the systems that provide you with that new inventory. Our talented engineers will be tinkering around the clock for the coming months to make Creators.TF an overall better experience, which you’ll be able to follow via our Trello Roadmap.

Now before you go into a frenzied panic, this does not mean we will be cancelling current and upcoming events. You will still be able to quench your need for robot slaying till September 1st, after which, Digital Directive will be partially retired, with servers and loot still provided.

The two remaining holiday events, Halloween and Smissmas will continue as planned. We also encourage you, disturbingly creative folk, to continue submitting your ghoulish or jolly ideas to our workshop.

If the prospect of holidays and system maintenance doesn't excite you, then we have one last upcoming feature to talk about, Vanilla+ Servers! Not everyone wants to play the game with a myriad of new things mixed in - and that’s okay... really, no feelings hurt *cocks shotgun*.

Alongside our existing Creators.TF custom servers and the MvM servers, we will additionally be hosting vanilla TF2 servers amongst the various regions, with the “+” coming from our gameplay fixes, the curated map pool, and seeding capabilities you already see in action today. We’re working on these servers at the moment, and they should be released for mass consumption in a few weeks.

In the meantime, check out the latest Digital Directive mission rebalances in today’s patch notes.

Creators.TF Blog

We Want YOU!

a line of soldiers saluting

explosion, big boom sound here Yowza! Did you feel that? That must’ve been an explosion caused by the robots outside our base! We’ve been swamped recently in our recent Mann vs Machine campaign, Operation: Digital Directive. Thank you guys for helping to destroy the horde so far! We’ve seen a great turnout of support and mercenaries willing to put up a good fight.

Now, not everything has been all sunshine and rainbows. Our engineers have been very overworked at the moment and they suggested to me that we recruit more people onto the Creators.TF team. I took one look at them, had a quick laugh, and then threatened to fire them if they didn’t get back to work fixing the bugs... Unfortunately, the actual boss showed up and threatened to fire me if I didn’t give them their special mention.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re recruiting more volunteers to join the Creators.TF Team! We want YOU to join us in fulfilling our commitment to promote community-made content. Made by the community, for the community! We have a lot of positions opening up for people with semi-functioning brick-for-brains! We’re currently looking for positions in the following categories:

  • Community Moderators
    • With experience in Discord and/or in-game moderation.
  • Team Members for the following positions:
    • Website Developers
      • With experience in any of the following: PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, Electron, and/or Typescript
    • Game/Server Developers
      • With experience in creating Sourcemod plugins and/or knowledge in C++
    • Writers
      • Such as writing blog posts, landing pages, announcements, or even comics someday!
    • Linux System Administrators

Applications will be closing on May 20th, 2021.

digital directive: day 4

You know what son, I didn’t think we’d be standing here right now face to face, but we did it. You and several thousand other people have made it through four long days of words and briefings and boredom and… you get my point.

Mercenaries, line up! Here’s your weapons, upgrade canteens, and a funny looking hat. Board your lines and prepare yourselves for Operation: Digital Directive, now live on Creators.TF servers!

Check out the Day 4 event page. Get started with the event by ensuring you've got the asset pack, familiarize yourself with the Campaign page, and Find a Server to play!

Creators.TF Blog

Medal of Honor

digital directive: day 3

Let me ask you this son, do you like Christmas presents underneath the tree and opening them in front of your loving family? Well good for you, because I've never had that experience as a kid.

On a warmer note, today’s briefing includes the magnificent loot you get as a result of your hard work out on the battlefield. It might not be pretty, it might look like a lump of sad metal looking for a family (like me), but it’ll have to do since we’ve already blown the budget 17 times over.

Check out what we have in store for you on the Day 3 update page!

Creators.TF Blog

Robot Augmentations

digital directive: day 2

So, Digital Directive huh? If you’re thinking that this is some weird technology-infused hiking trail, then you’d be completely wrong! Hiking is for babies, walking is for big, strong men!

Today’s briefing notes for our campaign include some of the more technical changes that you men will have to face out in that robotic wilderness. You may think that we’re entirely in the dust, but we’ve got some snazzy magic tricks up our sleeves that are sure to make Gray Mann go up in a puff of smoke!

File yourselves into the briefing room, and start reading the Day 2 update page!

digital directive: day 1

What’s better than shooting mercenaries in the face? Cream donuts? No! Insane riches? You’ve gotta be kidding me. A feeling better than killing people in cold blood is killing ROBOTS in UBER-filled revenge!

Announcing, Operation: Digital Directive, a community-made Mann vs Machine campaign created by Creators.TF and Potato’s Custom MvM Servers. With 30 new missions across 22 maps, plus some brand new gameplay additions, this is gonna be one hell of a campaign across the world!

What are you waiting for? Get into the briefing room and check out the Day 1 update page!